About us


Posjed - Real Estate Agency - is a new business line in Perspecta d.o.o., company for financial consulting from Sarajevo.

The owner of the company has long term experience in banking, finance and various industries, and special expertise gained through consulting activity in construction and investment activities. Over the last twenty five years of experience had an active role in creating, providing of financing and realization of many real estate projects considering building apartments, industrial buildings and various business projects all around Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Real estate agents of Posjed are young, educated professionals with multidisciplinary expertise, what guarantees understanding variety of requests of our respectable clients. Every member of our team is proactive in property market and flexible in ensuring of optimal solutions in intermediation business.

Posjed is constantly in contact with leading investors in construction building and major building contractors in Canton Sarajevo and around of BiH. We ensured close business cooperation with banking sector, and in our operative work we have granted support of our partners in all important segments: legal, engineering, financing, marketing, advertising etc. We are able to offer consulting support to all our clients, both who are renting from or out, as well who are selling or buying different types of properties.

In our business activities we comply to the highest professional standards, where transparency, professional integrity and excellence of our employees are a priority.

Mission of real estate agency Posjed:

We exist so we could:

With high quality multidisciplinary knowledge and long term experiences in planning, construction building and real estate business to connect, inspire and motivate our clients in bringing responsible life and investment decisions, with optimal financial outcome and maximum enjoyment for themselves, their families and institutions they work for.

Vision of real estate agency Posjed:

We intend to:

Become relevant intermediary in real estate market in BiH and reliable partner in real estate investments in the country, through continuous improvement of our own expertise and market knowledge, engagement of highly professional associates and with full support of our partners.

With applying the most modern methods of client segmentation and permanent improvement of a client targeting system through the most sophisticated channels of distribution, to achieve and maintain a high level of client’s satisfaction, trust and confidence, relied on integrity and excellence of our employees, as leading values of the agency.

Our corporate assets:
  • Client in the Center – honest and empathetic attitude with clients based on: detailed and comprehensive access to every subject of intermediation and project, professional and precise managing of documents, responsible consulting and solutions with optimal structure.
  • Integrity – reliability and transparency of every act we carry out, advice and action taken, with our confidential and authentic arrangements.
  • Excellence – high quality services in intermediation on the most modern principles and with complete availability in overall channels of distribution (personal and electronic).
  • Respect and Care - for all participants: clients, employees, partners and social community.

Posjed – Your Good Location